Tutorial - Simple sheet metal part in SolidWorks?

Tutorial on sheet metal in Solidworks.

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when i want to drag the forming tools,first appear the attention that:do you want drived part????(in 2012)

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Dear Sudhir!
Can you help me with my issue (SW2013)?
I notice that in every part, my parts are with 2 options in Sheet Metal. See attachment (Sheet-Metal and Sheet-Metal1). Is there any chance for me to make this feature only 1? Because if I put a K-factor in the part, it is okay in Sheet-Metal, but in Sheet-Metal1 it's overwriting the existing value and sometimes (when I have an old part with different K-factor) it's putting the old K-factor which is terrible. I saw this bug (?) in time because I was preparing 200 files for manufacturing. I've almost made a huge mistake but everything was OK after I've edited the Sheet-Metal1 options. But it's very annoying... :)

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Thanks! It helped me alot :D
keep up the good work bro

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