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I have the drawings for the upper cylinder from a 9 cylinder radial engine, my 4th year students and I are having problem creating it with the drawing available. Need some guidance so I can guide them.

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Here is how I did it.
GrabCAD somehow thinks everyone has the same aspect ratio for screenshots, but it forgets people can crop pictures. To see the whole picture, you have to click it and see the original ones.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/up-for-a-challenge--2

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Hi William,

Ok for the cylinder dimension, i don't see it, because i use ISO normalization.
So, what mean "n" before the number?

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/up-for-a-challenge--1

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Hi William

Drawings seems complete, where do you miss information?
Perhaps on top of cylinder, between parts in V (forms ?)
Perhaps you should begin by the lower part, (without cooling fins).
Then, modeling one part on the top and make a symmetry.

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take a look at the over all assembly included now in the attached files and notice the cut out below the upper part

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Hi William

It seems that the diameter of the two cylinder part on the top are missing.
(But you can measure it if you print the doc, or with a software like Scanit)

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/up-for-a-challenge

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You can get the 2 high cylinder diameter (or close enough) on sheet 2, check the BB section axis.

The drawing is annoying as you do not have all the dimensions for one function in one sheet.

N.B. : The possibility to insert pictures and resize them in Solidworks sketch help a lot.

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In page 4, n0.781 is actually Ø0.781. Ø may show up as "n" when the font does not have "Ø". In this case, a font called AIGDT is used for Ø, but somehow in page 4 this does not show Ø correctly.

That also means n0.067 is Ø0.067 in page 4.

The missing dimension is the diameter for the part as in attached picture. Height is 0.078, but diameter is missing. It should be around 0.467 measured from PDF file within CorelDRAW. I measured some other dimensions in CorelDRAW and they turned out correctly. Therefore, I would recommend 0.467 for the missing diameter here.

If you start putting dimension from top, 0.078 should not be used anywhere; it will show up as over defined if you do. Instead, use 0.15 for the height so the revolve cut will be deep enough to cut the interior.

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If you are a teacher.....teach!!! and do not ask others to do your work.....
Model is not that hard to model, so just spend some time and put in some effort.......

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