What happened to the challenges?????

When I first started to follow GrabCAD there were many community callenges. Now there are none. What happened? Are the challenges going away?

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Hi Bryan, I'm sorry there haven't been any new challenges lately on the site. However, we are working on getting one up later this week! Stay tuned!!

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As I, and for certain many others, have noted, there has been a conspicuous lack of challenges recently. As many simply enter to practice their skills, and the fact that the goal of the challenges is to generate new, novel ideas, a community based challenge would seem appropriate. One simply for fun and not for any prize. I also believe it would be an interesting concept to explore some relevant problems that affect many people. As such, I ask for your opinion on this challenge:
Design a shelter that can be carried by an AMI MI-26 Helicopter. Must be able to house 2 people for a single week, have solar panels, and be able to connect to a water spigot. I present this challenge as a way to generate ideas for disaster relief. Send me the CAD files at stanleyossyra@gmail.com . I will announce the winners after 4 weeks, or after 10 people have submitted. Please, share this answer.
1. Total Material Cost must be less than 10,000 USD, excluding manufacturing
2. Can be carried by a MI-26 Military Transport Helicopter
3. Must have wheels, even if detachable, that can roll over obstacles of 6 in
4. Must have either: Solar Power, Wind Power, Or require no power at all
5. Must house and sleep 2-5 people. More value will be given to designs that house more people.
6. Must have running water (faucets), which must dispense filtered water. 1 pump for water should be installed.
7. Must have at LEAST 1 door, 1 window of any size.
8. Have 1 source of heat. Propane cylinders are allowed, but must have a burning method attached (such as a stove).
All designs will be showcased, and final review of all designs will be done by other GrabCAD members. Designs may, and likely should contain other CAD files from other members. Do mention the source when you download and implement their parts into your final design. The final assembly should be submitted as a .stp (or STEP file). Please be respectful of others, and good luck!!!

I'm trying to organize a community-based challenge.

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I miss the pre-stratays days of GrabCAD. There is no GoldenGear anymore either.

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