Using rib on revolved feature?

Is it possible to make such thing using ribs? I tried an inclined line from bottom edge to the circular edge at top. But when using ribs, the yellow offset sketches that shows the thickness of the rib actually don't intersect with the body so as expected it fails.

Also the plane that I've shown with red X's is actually not planar and curved outward.

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2 Answers

The rib feature has some inherent limitations that won't let it work if has to start exactly on that top edge. If that is the requirement, then you'll have to build it with a combination of features, probably an extrude and then revolved cut to trim away the extra.

If it's allowable, you can simply drop the top of the rib off that edge a little bit and the rib feature will work.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Using a model similar to the shape of ribs.
Models are not to scale.
Making the ribs are exemplified.

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