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want some drafting projects.

By Ravi Kant on 25 Mar 16:24 3 answers 0 comments

Is there any way to get 2d drafting projects drawings with dimensions so i can practice making things on autocad. i really want to learn more and desing more.

3 answers

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG over 1 year ago

    A Google image search for Drafting Projects, or Drafting Practice comes up with a lot of options.
    Google Books also has a number of older drafting and pattern making books from the days of paper and pencils, these have some good practice assignments in them. A lot are steam engines, hand wheels, and valves, but often wrenches and other tools are featured.

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith 10 months ago

    Pick up anything around your house. Measure it's details & try duplicating it on CAD. Note a pair of Vernier calipers is very helpful for measuring small things.

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