Wave on one surface...

O.K. guys! This is my first request. How can I reach effect like wave (see pictures attached as an example) with a maximum control regarding to one surface only. If you know any possible way please let me know.

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Thank you for your time Applied Rapid Technologies. It is maybe useful tool but in the future version of SW. I am thinking how can I get this effect what is on view on image attached and don't create additional surfaces.I am very close to believe that it isn't possible. But I am very curious as well, what is your way to have this shape use surfaces as many as necessary?

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A SW 2016 model is attached that looks like what you are trying to create. I've also attached a screenshot and parasolid model.
I'm not sure that this is the "best way" to create the shape, but you get good control of it.
The Indent command could also be a good choice.

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