Weldment in Pro/E?

How can we use weldment module in Pro/E or Creo as we use in Solid Works??

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Unfortunately there is no option for Weldment in proE..but there is an option in the 'application' tab in Creo/Elements Pro and Creo parametric..anyone who finds this answer can correct me..

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Hi Venkatasubramanian,
you say "there is no option for Weldment in proE...", are you sure ?
I use Pro/E Wildfire 4, and under Application menu, you can enter in Welding environment.
I have used Welding environment, and i works fine, naturlally imho.

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Its only avaliable in Assembly mode of Pro/ENGINEER,

Here goes the sequence:
Select Pull-Down Menu on the Top
#Application #Welding

Hope this servers your purpose

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