what about importing table from excel to a drawing .....? is it possible?

if it is possible...how can I import a table from excel to a drawing in creo parametric?....can anyboy explain me ?

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2 Answers

Save the excel file as a CSV file.

Then in the Creo drawing..

Select the Table tab.

Click the Table From File

In the Open dialogue box change the type (lower right) to CSV

Browse you way to the file and select it the hit open (or double click)

Then you can drag the table on the drawing and right mouse click to place

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This will not allways work the right way!!

- Before you save your file to CSV you need the replace all comma's to points.
Then save the file to csv, check again if there are ; and replace them with comma's. Next go to table and import table from file select your csv file.

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