What can I do for add another CAD on GrabCAD website?


I work with a new CAD software and all my models are made in it. So every time I do a model, I need put "Other" in the description. I've seen another profiles that the user puts this option for 3D print, pdf etc, but none of a "real cad". So...

I'd like that the SolidFace be incorporated to the list in GrabCAD. Is this possible? What criterion do you use to add another CAD here?

Thanks! =)

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2 Answers

Nayla, we can add another CAD software to the list, no problem. I will contact you to get some more information.

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Mam, U can send a request to the 'GCSTAFF' requesting them to add Ur respective software..Actions will come into effect in fortnight or a month..:)

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