What does URES mean in solidworks simulation

I am trying to make a spaghetti bridge for my grade 11 tech design class and want to test all my designs. I am using Solidworks simulation but am not sure what the URES means fir displacement and what von mises mean for strength. I have the material set with all the data needed to test spaghetti, so it should work, I just don't know what those items mean.

Note: Force is set 10N per item

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If want to know what is Von Mises check this: http://www.learnengineering.org/2012/12/what-is-von-mises-stress.html
URES mean how your model move in this direction. You have deformation scale 0.01... so it isn't a real deformation. Real deformation is 1. But you use SimulationXpress so you can't change this deformation.

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