What is CAD Documentation?

What is the general procedure of CAD Documentation?

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CAD documentation is drawings, models and other output generated by CAD programs.

Procedures for generating this documentation will vary widely depending on what documentation is needed at the time, who is doing the work for whom, the type of CAD being done, etc.

For me doing mechanical design work it generally goes like this:
Start with a problem, or design need > model various options > present options to interested parties for feedback > detail design of the chosen options > generate whatever CAD documentation is necessary to procure prototypes, tooling etc., which is typically 2d prints and 3d step or iges files > iterate as necessary.

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You forgot the stage of constant revisions:
"I think I want it more round, but also angular"
"Could it be more red? Not in color though, I want to capture the feeling of red."
"Seeing it drawn up like this it does not look I thought it would. How hard would it be to change it? Its a CAD model, so just a few clicks and we'll have a new design... Right?"

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