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what is the best rendering software?

By himanshu khandelwal on 28 Apr 12:13 13 answers 2 comments

i have created some design in solidworks and catia and i wanna render that part so that it will convert into a realistic design then please tell me the best rendering sotware so that i can used that software and make it render.

13 answers

  • ioan skurka
    ioan skurka 6 months ago

    Keyshot is a great option, but is only cpu base and need an extra licence
    visualize is offer by solidworks, come basic with solidworks profesional and premium
    Offering an hybrid redering CPU + GPU, GPU being away faster than CPU rendering, you will be able to find an speed test and how to use visualize in this link:
    SolidWorks Visualize rendering tutorial - CPU Heatsink - GPU vs CPU rendering test

  • Steendelaar
    Steendelaar 6 months ago

    Keyshot is a great program, and its easy to work with.
    Autodesk 3ds max is amazing , but has a steep learning curve to it.

    I think that keyshot is your best bet.

  • himanshu khandelwal
    himanshu khandelwal 6 months ago

    how does it works i dont know about that? just tell me how can i use that software

  • Steendelaar
    Steendelaar 6 months ago

    Both programs need to be bought first.
    Keyshot is around 1000 dollars , 3ds max is around 2000 each year.
    So for rendering only i would suggest keyshot since its allot cheaper and more user friendly.
    You can try keyshot first with this link :

    As for how to use it.
    I would just search some random tutorials on youtube and try it out yourself.
    This i just a simple example video :

  • Antonio Bermejo Jiménez
    Antonio Bermejo Jiménez 6 months ago


    Try Fusion 360 by Autodesk; You make the renderings in the cloud and doesn't be necessary a good PC to make them.

  • Quang Huan
    Quang Huan 6 months ago

    Keyshot is what you need for rendering. You can search for a lot of Keyshot tutorial on Youtube.

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