What is the best way to import inventor made objects to 3DSmax?

I am trying to important a part made on Inventor to 3DSmax, using import inside 3DS, the issue is that when i convert it to an Editable poly, the wireframe looks really unoptimized even for simple objects!

I need to know if tehre's a way to get some reasonable polycount on 3Ds max.

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1 Answer

1. Open your model that you'd like to convert and ensure all files have unique names
2. Click file or the large "I" in the corner and chose save as > pack and go
3. Choose a location or create a new location for your files
4. Click search now and then start to create your new files
5. Open max and select import
6. Navigate to the part or assembly you want to import and open it
7. Choose the meshes option in order to have control over you mesh detail
8. By default this is set to 0 but you may change it from -10 to 10 to control how many polys are created

Hope that helps a bit! This won't quite optimize your polys shapes so much as give you a little control over the amount of polys created.

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