what is the difference between command join& healing

while joining some complex surfaces ,it shows non connexivity error, how can i remove that error?

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this occur due to the matching edge of surfaces (that u r trying to join) is not fully matched within the tolerance limit.

increase the tolerance when u join the surfaces otherwise make full matching edges or otherwise uncheck connexivity option & do later heal.

u can find the option of increasing tolerance in join command.

Hi Rupesh,

thanks for the answer i was searching for this question?
i want to convert a surface model into solid i am facing the same problem as above
when i try to uncheck the connexivity and join i could not be able to get the solid model please explain me


you can find the option "merging distance"(tolerance) under the join option , just increase it when join.

And the Federation option is to generate groups of elements belonging to the join that will be detected together when selecting one of them.

And sub element to remove option is used to remove any undesired surface from the joined surfaces.

Hi Rupesh,

Thank you for the reply, i've a model(igs) which has got (thousands)no of tiny surfaces i want to convert it into solid unfortunately i could not be able to upload the 3d data when i try to join these surfaces they are showing the error
and some of the surfaces are overlaped i am removing each tiny surface and in place of that i am making the new one is there any way to reduce this tedious job because the surfaces are very small that i cuold not recognise then wer the error is


Ganesh Patil