What is the difference between Creo Elements/Pro 1.0 and Pro Engineer 5.0 Wildfire?

User interface is same, but are there any differences or new features?

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Creo Elements Pro and Wildfire 5 is exactly the same thing. It was only a name change.PTC changed the name as an introduction to all the new Creo products that would follow with the launch of Creo 1.0. Creo Parametric is a new version that replaces Wildfire 5.0/Creo elements pro 5.0.

marius's answer is absolutely correct!

you can check here,changes or enhancement details from one version to another,for every PTC product.


which features???????/

Basicly everything is the same just user interface vas changed to ribon like. Some useful things was added....like freestyle feature wich is basicly subdivisional modeling, they added allso flexibile modeling wich is direct modeling funkcionality!

the user interface is more customized and there are more feature