What is the difference between Creo Parametric 1.0 and Creo Elements/Pro?

Why is not Creo Parametric represented on the GRABCAD site ?

2 Answers

Creo Elements/Pro? new menu - drawing, old menu - design .....
Creo Parametric 1.0 is newer than Creo Elements/Pro, neu menu in all software

THERE ARE TWO, MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE CREO DESIGN PROGRAMS! Creo Elements Direct ( now at version 18 ) is derived from CoCreate Solid Designer, which was derived from ME30. Creo Parametric ( now at version 2.0 ) is derived from PTC Wildfire ( Wildfire is at version 5.0, and there will not be a Wildfire 6.0, it will be Creo Parametric ). THIS IS TOTALLY CONFUSING AND COUNTER-INTUITIVE, THE TWO TYPES OF CREO PRODUCE DIFFERENT FILES, AND ONE CREO CANNOT READ THE OTHER. GRABCAD SHOULD MAKE AN EFFORT TO SEPARATE THE TWO VERSIONS WHEN THE PARTS ARE LISTED IN GRABCAD SEARCHES!