What is the difference between "wave geometry linker" and "interpart link" in NX 7.5?

I am new to NX.
solution to this would definitely help me in designing mold bases.

1 Answer

I can't remember what the difference was in 7.5, but I believe Interpart Link was the precursor to "WAVE geometry linker". They are basically the same thing. If for instance, I create interpart linked geometry from another part in the assembly, it will populate my Part Navigator as a "wave link". It will then show up in my "Interpart Link Browser" along with any other linked geometry/features/etc..

Any top-down design effort benefits from WAVE linking, since it allows you to build associatively. Another thing you'll find useful are "Interpart Expressions", which allow you to drive dimensions from the assembly level, from another part, from a spreadsheet, etc..