What is the scope of Autodesk Alias?

I'm willing to learn automotive designing. As far as i have searched i had found that CATIA and Alias are two software mostly used. I want to know which one is better and can be learned from where?

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u can do everything with Catia but Alias is for Class-A sarface modeling.
but if u can learn both of them thats the best.now im trying to learn both of them.

If you can learn both do it. Depending what aspect of the design process you want to get into, alias is usually used early in the development process to flesh out ideas in geometry. A lot of the early data is made in alias and passed on to engineering for B side surfaces and engineering details for full scale mock up or part prototyping. Depending on the work flow of the company A-class might be done in alais or catia.. But most of the translation from sketch, clay or other reference is usually done in alias..

hI sudhir Alias is more powerful tool for surfacing and realistic view.. it is better tool than catia if u are eyeing for concept designing and car model.. its not a pure mechanical too

Tools are different in focus. I´m working with the two.
You guys can do almost anything with these two in any area.
In Alias ​​you do the class modeling, rendering, animation, etc. (these programs very fast)
In catia you do espessuramentos, kinetic mechanical, assemblies and class A (Icemsurf)

All software are two very large,I has not met who know everything, everything, everything in two. I 'automotive designer' and 'Alias ​​prefer, but Catia is essential know to a good relationship with their engineering.

From my knowledge alias works with the styling part while catia with the engineering part :) And i know what made you ask this question , great video that was :P