What kind of shortcuts do you use while CADing?

And what kind of keys have you bound for them?

For example, i use:
smart dimension = ctrl+shift+D
centerline = shift+L

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I mostly customize the short-cut menu that you access with the 'S' key. The menu changes depending on what 'mode' you're in so I've customized all of the shortcut menus. One thing I've added to all of them is the measure tool.

As for key bindings, the only one I can remember off hand is that I set ctrl-H to activate "hidden lines visible" (HLV) mode and H to toggle back to "shade with edges" mode. I do this because I have "Allow selection in wireframe and HLV modes" set in system options / display and selection. This is very, very handy particularly when working in assemblies, but also while editing parts.

If you would like to see a demo of that functionality, let me know and I'll make a video demonstrating it.

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Solidworks right? Because Acad and SW are different.

smart dim D
measure ctrl-D (because it's very similar to dim, and D stands for distance)
centerline K (it's right next to L for line)

Forget about the default shortcuts and make your own. Everyone uses different tools for different reasons and everyone has their preferences so everyone should have different shortcuts.

All your most used commands should be one letter. After you've used up all the letters and numbers, then go to key combinations with alt, ctrl, shift. You should have a 5 button mouse with ctrl alt shift on the mouse so that you hit one key on the keyboard and the other part of the combo on the mouse, it's faster that way. Right thumb hits ctrl by touch then left finger hits the keyboard, that way you are looking for just one key on a combo.

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I agree with Dan
Shortcut Bar customization is the best
Here are some shortcut tips I created
They are very useful
Please click "it worked" at the end of my tutorial if you like them :)

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c = copy
ch = chamfer
ci = circle
e = erase
f = fillet
l = line
m = move
mi = mirror
o = offset
p = pan
r = redraw
ro = rotate
st = stretch
t = trim
u = undo

I placed all other commands, settings, lisp-routines on my wacom tablet-menu

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