what technique do i use.

i have doubts in multibody, basebody and splitpart technique .....if anybody clear these techniques in best example.

i am not well in this techniques so most off the times i faced some errors in final assembly.

please give some examples to create my design in better way.

thanks in advance

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To me:
Multi-body is simply a part with multiple bodies. They could be solids, or surfaces. There are many reason to create multiple bodies in a part. Sometimes it is to isolate portions of the model from a global operation (i.e. shell). Other-times a multi-body part can be a substitute for, or lead to an assembly.
The built in tutorials have an entry called Multibody Parts, it is pretty good.

Basebody sounds like the Master Part Model method. Here you might design a complex shape (i.e. computer mouse), then use that part to create smaller pieces of what would later be an assembly.
The tutorials have an entry called Molded Product Design: Advanced which seems to cover this idea.

Split is simply a tool in SolidWorks to split or slice a body into more bodies. Split can be used in either of the above modeling methods, but I've not heard of "splitpart" as a modeling method.
Use Split anytime you want to segment a model into multiple bodies.
There used to be a good tutorial for Split. It had to do with a wrought iron fence. It was modeled as a solid, then split into smaller components. I don't remember if it was in the help file, or one of the training books.

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Basically what you're trying to achieve is a 'top down' design. Google searching that term will give you hours of reading and examples. There are different ways of implementing a top down design, but the only way I will ever do it is with a multibody base part.

Here's a high level explanation of what I usually do to create the base/master part and how it is used in downstream parts.


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A centerpiece, the insertion of bodies from this centerpiece into new pieces. Block sketches from the centerpiece to build other pieces that we do not want to link by references, because they themselves will have to change and not to abuse configurations that dull and complexify the large assembly .that dull and complexify the large assembly .

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