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What would you model if you could model anything?

By Josh Mings on 13 Oct 03:19 15 answers 1555 views 17 comments

Is it autos, airplanes, machines or boats? What do you love to model? Feel free to add examples!

15 answers

  • Jon Gardiner
    Jon Gardiner almost 6 years ago

    A wife that does not yell at me and maybe some kids that listen. I have been working on a black hole, but every time I do all of my file disappear.

  • William
    William almost 6 years ago

    If I could model anything - It would probably need to be something that would go down in history and be knowing by all man kind

    The new 8 wonder of the world LoL'ss

    But being realistic - my Graded Unit that I am working on :) as I don't know how to surface model yet and my RC Car body will need to be surfaced modelled LoL'ss

  • Ivan Spasić
    Ivan Spasić almost 6 years ago

    intergalactic spaceships! and/or wormhole transporters!

  • Jack DePasquale
    Jack DePasquale almost 6 years ago

    I like to model machinery mechanisms and fixtures

  • nikolaus
    nikolaus almost 6 years ago

    technical apparatus for ex. vortex turbine including the concrete base

  • Tinus Appelgryn
    Tinus Appelgryn almost 6 years ago

    I'm a Sailplane Builder and is currently building the no 1 glider in the world. The JS Revolution. Aviation is everything to me so I like to draw aircraft parts.

  • Jack DePasquale
    Jack DePasquale almost 6 years ago

    Jon Gardiner that is probably the best idea for a project I have heard in a long long time. If you get it to work send me the model,(Solidworks) I want to adapt it to fit my wife and kids!!!!

  • Juan Jose P.
    Juan Jose P. almost 6 years ago

    I have some ideas on puzzle boxes and new kind of security locks.

  • Frank Michalski
    Frank Michalski over 5 years ago

    Anything? ...
    Things and any kind of their relations (is this included with Anything) between things.
    - Feelings
    - Philosophical ideas
    - Mathematical ideas
    - Any kind of real world abstractions
    - Or just software

  • Stefan Varga
    Stefan Varga over 5 years ago

    Flying cars :) I mean it's 2012 already and we are still using wheels ;)

  • Robert Stein
    Robert Stein over 5 years ago

    Tough one... I thought I could model anything and the only problem is with manufacturing it...

  • Tony
    Tony over 5 years ago

    "The one thing I would love to model is the one thing that no one else has thought of yet.... only problem is I don't know what it is............mmmmm."

    RICH GILLEN over 5 years ago

    How about just something that is useful to mankind or nature that is made to last. Something that can use our waste/garbage by products.
    Small hyro electric plants, for rivers, reservoirs
    Small 10kw to 20KW Wind generators for homes, farms, small business
    Basements for homes made out of recycled glass or plastic
    A SAFE Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft
    Better Emergency Life boats for Ships
    More Solar powered Products, Solar Powered homes, small business, farms.
    More Geo-thermo products
    A small, cheap, jet engine for small planes and kitplanes
    Better Mass Transit system over land and under the ocean connecting the world. Just to name a few.

  • ff89edce
    ff89edce almost 5 years ago

    a new me. I am getting bored with this one.

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