When I installed solidworks on my system, Measur(dimension) standard Settings was setup on inch.How can I change it from inch to millimeter forever in system? No for document properties

dimension seting

2 Answers

You'll need to make a template...

First, open a new file.
Then, Go to Tools > Options > Document Properties > Units.
Now change the units' system.
Click save, but select a template type: (from Save as type)
Part Templates (*.prtdot)
Assembly Templates (*.asmdot)
Drawing Templates (*.drwdot)

Now you've made a new template.
To open it, go to the Advanced page of the New SOLIDWORKS Document dialog box (the box that opens when you make a new file, where you choose Part, Assembly or Drawing).

When you open SolidWorks and create a new part/assembly file at the bottom right you will have an option like IPS and a small arrow. Click on the arrow and you change to your desired units. Hope I answered your query.