when i used to open a cat.part show invalid data structure??

i created i a cat.part in my pc..when used to open the same cat.part in my friends pc ..its showing error as (INVALID DATA STRUCTURE )...but we both are using the same versions of catia ....thanks for your help..have a good day

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2 Answers

There is 2 related problems with this topic. First one is release level and second one is file (location adress) name.

If both is not the solution. You have to format your pc (new windows).

Good luck :)

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I found these different questions that might help you...

Did you make the Part with one release of CATIA and are now trying to open them with a different release? CATIA will only open files that are the same or higher release.

Or did you change the date in your computer? CATIA doesn't like to work with files that are dated in the future.

Did you rename the files? This could be causing the problem if you renamed the files outside of CATIA. (you should use FILE + SAVE MANAGEMENT if you want to rename CATIA files).

Which release level are you using?

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