Where did my comments go?

I had left around 113 comments last might and when i came of this morning its down to 99, and some images are missing from my models such as this one:


I had 4 images there's only 2 now :/

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IT appears the GrabCAD team has noticed this as well and they are working on it.
Email info@grabcad.com if you notice anything else

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Tom I see in you four pictures
two in total and two in cross-section
but you're right on the profile disappeared comments
and also I added one fellow rendering, him be seen
and on the first GRABCAD page, an error thrown

but this is probably the result of the changes carried out by GRABCAD

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Thanks Tomek my renders have re appeared,I can't see your rendering Tomek so there must still be something wrong. Also my comments still haven't gone back up. Hopefully Grab cad are going to sort it :)

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I noticed that photos not seen added by someone else
This is the same for me

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To close this topic - previously if you added picture it was counted as comment. Now it is separate event on the feed. No comments were lost during the new functionality.

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