Where I can find information to do animations with Autodesk Inventor?

Hi, I'm doing a project for a class, I have access to Autodesk Inventor and I'm already doing my parts as Inventor solids, then I will do the assembly. I already know how to do this, unfurnately I never used the studio environment and I can'd figure it out how I could use my assembly to do a video.

I basically have some wheels and a rail, something like a roller coaster and I would like to move my wheels all across the rail. My wheels have some other components attached.

Please give a light with this, I will appreciate it.

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3 Answers

it is self explanatory you start with making a time line of the video, default is 30 seconds you place a camera for your views. then you drive your constrains parameters or make your fades. you can shift the animations in your timeline to get 2 movements at once.
for more info check this basic studio tutorial on youtube.

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