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Hi, I’m graduated as a mechanical engineer and i'm doing post graduate in mechanical field to learn the practical skills like blueprint reading, welding and machining. In that course i have learned a Solidworks and AutoCAD (Also know Ansys and CFD basics). I like to end up in the Aerospace companies. Now i'm moving to the next post graduate Aerospace course. And i got a offer to choose NX or Catia as my subject. Which one to choose? And what degree (Masters or P.Eng) to choose in future to become a professional engineer. Please give me your valuable advice!

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NX, CATIA both are advanced CAx softwares. You can choose depending upon your interest. In general, once you learn a CAD (CAM or CAE) software then it is not so hard to get hands on other ones. Concepts are important.

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Almost all aerospace companies use CATIA, so that's what I suggest based on your career goals. MS, MBA or PE; any of them will be useful.

If you have a particular aerospace company in mind, I suggest asking them for advice on both of your questions.

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Depends on the aerospace sector. GE, Pratt/USA & Rolls for instance, use Siemens NX. Towards the structural side the shift is predominately Catia, but most larger companies seem to have seats of both. Bell for instance uses Catia for structural and NX for tooling and other design efforts. It can be a mixed bag, but really depends on the sector you're most interested in. Learning either one... you could pick up another easily. I don't typically get too CAD-specific when looking at young design engineers.

Good luck.

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CATIA and NX = for Cad-Cam-Cae-Re-Render... full engineering and designer but difficult.
Alias= Shape design for, alternative
Showcase= just Render for.
İnventor and edge= middle class.
Tebis - Catia -nx= Cam for.
ANsys - Nastran= just analysis
Geoamagic= just Re
Autocad= number 1
x-steel= structure design but Catia in is there

my program= Catia + inventor + Autocad + Anysis + Showcase

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