Why does not my motion study work properly?

I am trying to understand the motion animation, I do the exact things in the video in the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YROeGxicEI . But it does not work for me. There are two problems for me. First one is, rotation speed does not change what ever I give the rpm. Second one is, direction of the rotation is clockwise, whatever I do it does not change. Why might I have this problem?

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When you get to the part of setting up the motion, take a screenshot or two of the screen so the options you are using can be seen.

The speed should change, but make sure you are using the Play button, not the Calculate button. There is a chance that calculations are done at one constant speed, but playback should be dictated by your values.

The help file, under motor PropertyManager states you need to use the Mate / Direction option Reverse Direction to change the direction of motion.

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