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I got a presentation the following days and i have a question about a wireframe presentation of an assembly. I work solidworks. Is there any other way to show wireframe except classic way display-wireframe?
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Stefanidis Georgios

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other than using display wireframe.

You can save model as Iges fromat , and bfore saving you can click on Options
and covert it to wireframe.

I have attached the image of the step.
image 1 being first step and 2 being second

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Keyshot can be used to render edges only.
There are also some "wireframe" materials, but they are more like "tessellated mesh" models in my eyes/mind.

Wireframe in SOLIDWORKS has two options:
Hidden line visible, and hidden line removed.
There are also other options regarding line styles, weights, colors, and the depiction or tangent edges.

Can you say or show the type of view you'd like to create, or state how the current SOLIDWORKS wireframe options are not working?

I'm sure there are some good alternative options, but I'd need some additional information before being able to offer reasonable suggestions.

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