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Senior Precision/Metrology Engineer with 25 years of experience directly contributing to business growth and increased profitability through the design, prototyping, and development of leading-edge products and metrology. Multifaceted professional possessing a unique skill set encompassing mechanical, electrical, metrology design and algorithm development. Recognized subject matter expert in laser radiometry delivering improvements in accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility. Skilled in the full product life-cycle in precision opto-electromechanical systems from design, through prototyping, to integration, troubleshooting, and production.


work experience

Corning Tropel Sr. Test Engineer September 2001 - March 2009

Senior Precision Test Engineer Automated, integrated, quantified, and qualified test benches for development of precision semiconductor industry and military/aerospace products. Partnered with customers to develop concepts, specifications, budget, schedule, and implementation. Designed and built test station mechatronics for the automation, control, and synchronization multiple cameras, stage axes, actuators, and sensors. Developed, prototyped and tested new precision opto-electromechanical products. Precision metrology design for high-performance, variable NA, deep ultraviolet illumination system. • Increased system performance / lifetime by 250% in mask inspection illuminator for Israeli client. • Improvements contributed directly to successfully addressing $2.5MM in commitments. Designed & prototyped system mechatronics & metrology for Swedish semiconductor equipment Company’s next-generation 193nm mask inspection system. • Deepened relationship between organizations, providing consistent future project pipeline. • Helped ensure Tropel maintained its cutting-edge in precision DUV modular systems. Technical Lead, Precision Metrology and Test Design for 193nm excimer laser energy monitor. • Grew key performance metrics through improved metrology, providing insight into sapphire crystal transducer manufacturing process. • Designed and built automated test system slashing failure rates by 90% enabling complete hand-off to manufacturing. Laser Radiometry SME and Metrology Engineer Provided Tropel with laser measurement systems and techniques for UV and VIS lasers; pulsed and CW. Performed uncertainty analysis and qualification of test systems with special attention to accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility. Helped Improve Tropel’s 193nm radiometry capabilities through research and development of precision metrology tools & techniques. • Improved radiometry accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility by an order of magnitude. • Increased company-wide confidence in transmission and reflectivity measurements by incorporating NIST traceability processes. • Improved DUV measurements through filing of invention disclosure for 193nm integrating sphere. • Radiometry work enabled development of stronger, cleaner and more reproducible proprietary optical potting compounds. Contributed directly to improvement of internal processes through development & execution of life-testing studies. • Awarded Corning “Specialty Materials Division Cash Award” (5% annual salary) for 193nm radiometry and lifetesting work.

Access Systems and Circuits Sr. Laser and Metrology Consultant February 2009 - November 2011

Utilizing LabWindows developed software for 3D laser scanning company. • SW dramatically reduced scan errors by distinguishing artifacts from real geometry. Developed software for the design of non-circular planetary gear systems utilizing MATLAB. • Application generates ring gear based on arbitrary-shaped sun gear and circular planet gears. SW renders design to AutoCAD for fabrication. Demonstrated 7 and 5-planet designs. Designed and built 100W CO2 laser cutting machine. 4x2’ cutting area and 4’ width feed through. USB interfaced CNC with G Code.

Quality Vision International Sr. Research and Development Engineer November 2011 - July 2015

Analayzed, quantified and helped develop next generation OCT non-contact distance measuring interferometer, non-contact achromatic distance measuring probe mechanics and ultrasonic CMM.

Access Systems and Circuits 3D Printing, Engineering Design and Sr. Metrology and Test Engineer July 2015 - August 2019

Designing and 3D printing for a number of other optical and technology companies with a concentration on dimensional accuracy and strength. Utilizing own FDM, SLS and SLA 3D printers. Experimenting with different filament varieties and resin infusions. Building high temperature verions of Lulzbots' "TAZ 5" based on NASA's hih temperature FDM machine capable of printing 400C+ thermoplastics. (Ultem, PSU, etc)

Corning Fairport/Nesco Resources Sr. Metrology Engineer August 2017 - March 2018

Contracting with Corning's Fairport high precision optics and metrology plant as a Sr. Metrology and Electro-optomechanical engineer.

Corning Tropel Sr. Test Engineer August 2017 - May 2018

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Clarkson University Bachelors, Bachelors in both electrical and mechanical engineering 1986 - 1992

Rochester Institute of Technology Masters, Electrical Engineering 1992 - 1996

Studded digital signal processing specializing in active sound attenuation.



Workstation specs: Main Computer: Lenovo P71, I7-7820 3.9GHz & 8MG C, 64GB 2.4 GHz SoDimm Ram, 1 TB PCIe SDD + 1 TB 5400RPM, 4K NVIDIA P4000 and 8GB. Flash Forge Creator Pro, Formlabs form 1+, SINTERTEC Kit, Peopoly Maoi, Up Mini, Einscan PE 3D Scanner. 100W 2x4' Laser cutter, CNC metal mill, 12x16" CNC 2.5D Mill, sand blasting system and Cone 9 kiln.
Honors and awards: Presidential scholar Clarkson University. Recognition cash awards at Tropel.
Interests: Percussion, art, science

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