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hello, As a kid i was always interested in how things worked. the little toy models, wooden blocks, Lego's. This gave me a way to make anything i wanted. And i was always told everything had to be draw at one point. So with a love for drawing i started from the drafting board back when you had to have perfect letting, and we had to make our own title blocks. Making every view to match the main unit from any angle. Starting in the late 1990 with auto-cad R14 witch i still have and use to this day. I also had a interest in machining automated systems. This lead me into the 3-D world of design and with a background in different types of processes i had been able to view all different types of interaction like came driven automation. Making sure to meet tolerances i was able visualize components and see the bigger picture of how everything would need put together. Having every little item in its place to meet customer spec. i enjoy being able to create complex locking and hinge doors to custom one off cardboard cut outs of the part that they just don't make it anymore. I currently am still working designing and programming laser & punch machines. With a main knowledge of sheet metal fabrication of large powder paint system and batch/cure ovens with duct work and structural framing. To custom projects with ATV, jeep ,off-road rigs, rock crawler with crazing suspension and always custom bumpers. To little brackets to make some old stock part fit that item the customer may need. There all just boxes to some people but to an engineer its a complex frame with explosive safety features designed in. To making the correct worse case scenario of a explosive box properly and safety divert the energy up and out away from the safe zone of operators. Adding to the newest software is master-cam to go along with the new HAAS lathe & MILL. this provides a whole new element to make more technical parts. hope to share my projects with you guys soon.


work experience

unibus engineer March 1997 - October 2000

Designer, Assistant job specialist

whirlaway machinest October 2000 - March 2005

david price metal services engineer April 2005 - October 2007

Laser programmer

Eaton Fabricating Design Enginner / Proccess Programer January 2007 - November 2017

Working on batch ovens & Cure systems, complete system layouts. Power cart ( Canada ) engineering powered carts of many shapes and sizes. Custom one-off projects bringing the art of design using Inventor 2018, Auto CADD 2018, Fusion 360, SMP, Trutops, & Mastercam. To program our 5030 - 3040 Trumpf laser & punch. Also, the newest TruLaser tube 7000 tube laser. Along with our new HAAS st30y lathe also new mill.

eatonfab design engineer, laser programer January 2008 - March 2017

Designer engineer / CNC Programmer



wellington high school tecnical drafting , mechanical drafting 1996 - 1997

Use software to convert the designs of engineers and architects into technical drawings and plans. Workers specialize in architectural, civil, electrical, or mechanical drafting and use technical drawings to help design everything from microchips to skyscrapers

LORAIN COUNTRY JVS Technical Drafting, 3d design in solidworks 1996 - 1997

Learn both manual and computer drafting skills working with software packages including AutoCAD, solid Works, Inventor, Rhino-3D, and Animator.



Workstation specs: Autodesk inventor 2015, fusion 2015, SMP programing, 3D modeling.
Honors and awards: Technical Drafting, certificate of completion SPC - introduction, Certificate of Achievement Solid Modeling Skill - Development Workshop,
Interests: 3D prototyping, sheet metal design, off-road design, of large projects.

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