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Hello! My name is Ryan and I am a professional animator, photographer, and videographer. I work on many different types of marketing and visualization projects. Often, clients provide CAD models to me in STEP, IGS, SAT, or VRML files and I take them into my animation software (Cinema4D) and animate the components, fly the camera around and through the models, and render high-quality animations for video and print requirements. My favorite models to animate are complex gear assemblies, engines, and pumps. I use math scripting to create accurate gear rotations and HDRI materials for realistic reflections. Since I am a traditional photographer and videographer with a lot of experience, I feel that my renderings have a more realistic look to them. If you want to see your project come to life, contact me!


work experience

Orange Peel Productions, Inc.



Bachelors degree in Telecommunications



Workstation specs: Various Mac and PC computers with a modest render farm (approx. 30+ processors) for animation/video work using Cinema4D, Adobe After Effects and other software.
Honors and awards:

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