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sami zayani

CAD/CAM jewelry master models


25 years expérience in jewelry manufacturing . Some manufacturing firms use computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to facilitate product design and automate some steps in the moldmaking and modelmaking process. CAD allows jewelers to create a virtual-reality model of a piece of jewelry. Using CAD, jewelers can modify the design, change the stone, or try a different setting and see the changes on a computer screen before cutting a stone or performing other costly steps. Once they are satisfied with the model, CAM produces it in a waxlike or other material. After the mold of the model is made, it is easier for manufacturing firms to produce numerous copies of a given piece of jewelry, which are then distributed to retail establishments across the country. Similar techniques may be used in the retail setting, allowing individual customers to review their jewelry designs with the jeweler and make modifications before committing themselves to the expense of a customized piece of jewelry.


work experience


This is a highly specialized area that requires knowledge of jewelry making fabrication techniques, as well as costumer service and marketing strategies, 25 YEARS experience on [ JEWELRY MODEL MAKER] ; ; Knowledge of jewelry manufacturing and model making process; i m familiar with various tools and equipment used in making jewelry including specialized hand tools, polishing materials and a wide array of tools and machinery used for metal working and setting stones. i have the ability to perform close, delicate and precise work. Understanding of the balance between the creative and business process. i have the opportunity to develop and manufacture a jewelry line that can be anything from anything from small production to mass production runs Draw creative new jewelry design concepts and work with existing concepts to create new designs; Ability to draw to scale and proper proportions and modulations as well as to specific stone sizes and weights; i Use creative thinking and brainstorming to create sketches and product prototypes throughout the conceptual design process; Participate in meetings and collaborate with cross-functional business partners to refine design concept, materials, and manufacturing hardware ; Assist in transforming design ideas into products that serve the needs of customers and create a sustainable and profitable business model for company; Uphold design integrity, high quality execution, and timeliness throughout the development process; Participate in creative discussions, review market trends and perform competitive market research; Review samples and prototypes to assist with manufacturing and design issues; Assist with designs for specific strategic initiatives; 10 years of Experience with CAD/CAM and related 3-D design software



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