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Currently working as a mechanical designer industrial products geared high precision screw and its characteristics, thereby developing projects with varied purposes and applications for assembly lines for Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Auto parts, etc. ... And developing projects for calibration of various systems of bolting, wrenches and the like along with manufacturing processes for new products, and maintenance of electronic, pneumatic, torque wrenches and screwdrivers devices several purposes. Optimistic and visionary by nature, work with positive thinking, I see the day as an opportunity to do my job better, competent, perform tasks with agility attention and error free, creative, always look for a way out of trouble, I have desire to grow and achieve goals, proactively seeking to know the details of the product needs to be developed, improved or repaired, to securely transmit information to superiors, employees and the customer on the product features and their key benefits, features and functions, zeal for organization , cleanliness and health of the work environment, coordinate, interact performance and good teamwork.


work experience

Tecni-Cal Sistemas de Parafusamento Ltda. Senior Mechanical Designer April 2012 -

Work analyzing and preparing technical documents, analyzing and responding to technical requests received from other departments and superior service in the necessary projects to internal and external standards. Collecting measurements at the customer (As Built) and parts. Developing 2D and 3D sketches (with AutoCad and SolidWorks programs), preparing project design, assembly animations, renderings, defining their characteristics and by determining the stages of implementation and other technical elements. Running detailing parts, exploded views, list of materials, generating layouts. Performing calculations for use of material, volume calculation, development of plating (planning sheet starting from calendered and bent, cylindrical and flat pieces), calculations of strength of materials. Creating: specifications of raw materials and quoting, instructions and technical proposals. Preparing budgets manufacturing costs of pre designed items or elaborate, protocols and processes. Planning, preparing, tracking, leading, controlling and executing manufacturing processes (logical sequence of tasks / resources, cutting planes etc). Defining manufacturing schedule and monitoring the pre-defined deadlines, managing development projects and outside vendors following visits. Mounting / developing prototypes, running Tryout, developing new concepts and patterns of parts / projects (retrofit), installing products, support customers' calibrations in plants and other industries.



Faculdade de Tecnologia de Processos Metalúrgico SENAI – Nadir Dias Technical drawing in mechanical design, Design Engineering 2010 - 2012

Training professionals able to plan, operate and supervise metallurgical processes, considering materials, equipment, technology, quality, safety and occupational health, the environment, according to the legislation and regulations.



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