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Приветствую Вас! Огромное Спасибо Всем, кто не жалеет своих работ и делиться ими.


work experience

Omega-Crystals Designer June 2009 -

Development equipment for growing different kind of single crystals Engineering documentation for the equipment growing crystals Technical and technological service for supply furnaces for growing single crystals Development of facilities for the grow methods Czochralski, Kyropoulos, Verneuil, Bridgman, Stepanov Conducting technological cycles of growing single crystals in the manufactured equipment Education experts in crystals growing Development of thermal units and accessories I graduated from East Ukrainian University in machinery and machine tools in 2000. Got my first practical experience of designing on the plant №100(secret military) - installations for growing crystals. 2005-2008 Designing vacuum film forming plants for metal casting. 2008-2009 Designing tools for repair conveyor belts, Staple belt. 2009-2012 Designing vacuum systems, installations for crystal growth, vibrocompressor for street tile, hyper-press for building brick.



Luhgansk school #1 Mathematical Physics specialization 1994 - 1995

Would like to thank David Zinovevich Bykov. The great teacher of physics. He taught me to search for truth and right decisions, a comprehensive approach to solving difficult problems.



Workstation specs: Acer Aspire V5, Win 7
Honors and awards:

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