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As a graduate in mechanical engineering and a design enthusiast, I strongly believe that design holds the key to innovation for change or for the next big thing in this industry. Design not only adds a whole new dimension to the field but also merges creativity with technology. It's fascinating the things we could accomplish with the help of good problem-solving capability and technology. My influence in shaping my design thinking capability has majorly come from the communications with the motorcycle and trips that I sometimes escape to. Ever since I've started riding, it made me realise the importance of universal design.


work experience

TerraSense Labs Pvt Ltd Product Designer September 2016 - April 2017

-Designed various enclosures and calibration chambers for the sensors. -Did various simulation tests and CFD analysis on the models designed. -Worked on lathe, milling machine, CNC router for fabrication purposes. -Developed prototypes and performed sensor oriented testing.



JSS Academy of Technical Education,Bangalore Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 2012 - 2016



Workstation specs: Processor- i5-4200M Ram- 16GB Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
Honors and awards:

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