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stewart heaysman


I'm currently a freelance Product Designer with 17 years of experience having previously worked for Siemens Hearing Instruments UK. I have a proven track record of taking products from concepts through to production. Extensive experience in idea generation for new products, facilitating innovation workshops and using freehand sketching to demonstrate concepts to colleagues and clients. I've a specific expertise in using 3D CAD to visualize and develop the concepts and building these into prototypes using 3D printers, model making and my artistic skills. I've strong presentation skills and am an experienced manager and trainer in all areas of taking a product into production. I'm also able to enroll others to work on specific projects, fully utilizing their expertise.


work experience

A & M Hearing Ltd Production and Training Engineer January 1995 - December 2002

In control of liaison between the production dept and the engineering dept. Responsible for the design and implementation of work instructions of all new and existing products which markedly reduced build failure. Helped and instructed design engineers on build methods in order to simplify and reduce build time. Instigated use of automatic Pick & Place SMD machines to reduce production time on manual machines.

Siemens Hearing Instruments UK Ltd Product Design Engineer January 2003 - October 2012

Responsible for conceiving, designing and producing innovative hearing Aids and associated products in order to keep Siemens ahead of competitors. Managing UK Innovations team and projects. Producing designs using Autodesk Inventor CAD software. Building prototype models using SLA 3D printing and carrying out field tests. Using latest AM techniques to achieve high tolerances in model making. Applying artistic direction and skills on cosmetic prototypes. Recording and presenting development of all projects to senior management in Germany. Liaising with team in Singapore in order to hand over projects for production.



Bradford University BA (Hons), Fine Art & Photography 2001 - 2004

Multidisciplinary full time art degree based in the highly diverse and multicultural city of Bradford (Northern England)



Workstation specs: Fujitsu Siemens Celsius Intel core 2 duo CPU-E8400 @ 3 Ghz 3 Gb Ram Nvidia Quadro FX 1700
Honors and awards: Recommendations: Joshua Tan (Project Manager at Caben Asia Pacific Ltd - Artsana Group) “I have collaborated with Stewart on a number projects during my tenure in Siemens. These projects required strong commitment and communication from him, as the team includes members from Singapore, China, Germany and UK. The team in UK is in charge of generating creative and innovative ideas, basically thinking out of the box. He is in charge of the team in UK. The ideas have then be realized with the manufacturing support from the team in Singapore and China. I worked with him to transfer some of the innovative ideas from the team in UK to ensure the smooth transition to production. He shows excellent communication to explain with clarity to the colleagues in assembly line. At times, if words are ineffective, he explain by doing, demonstrating what he meant. With his background, one of his greatest strength is his ability to generate new ideas and solution from ergonomic perspective - better usability.” Juergen Kampmeier (Project Manager and at Siemens AG) “Stewart is a creative mind who works with passion and high aesthetic values for innovative product solutions. I really enjoyed working with him because he is looking for new approaches, especially when targets are tough to achieve, pursueing the best possible results.”
Interests: Running (marathons), Cycling (road), Life Drawing (nudes), Motorsport (spectating), Gardening (weather permitting). Volunteer trustee of Sussex based charity.

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