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Tiago Sousa

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I am passionate person about science and technology that fight to achieve their dreams and turning this world better. More info contact me at I have been developing a robot that aims to do the recognition of the field, that has: -as electronic components, i used a microprocessor of Picaxe 40X2, 3 infrared sensors Short range of Sharp, a CMPS10 Tilt Compensated Magnetic Compass and two engines of 17 torque by Power HD. -as mechanical structure, also been projected in Inventor 2013, were used components of Bosh, Fath, dibond, pvc plates and FAG bearings;


work experience

Football Association of Porto (AFP) Football 11 soccer referee September 2009 - October 2012

Referee in football 11 championships, 1º class district of Porto

Alberto Azevedo Mechanical Precision Limited Volunteer responsible for the improvement of the organization of the c September 2011 - February 2012

While I was waiting to join the mechatronics course I volunteered myself to help my uncle's company in sthe management and organization of the stocks of tools, drawings. I also help in agroup tasks. I check smeasures of pieces with suitable tools (Calipers, micrometers, thread count aand sliding bevel gauge). I ssometimes used saws disk and tape, angle grinder, electric stacker and helped in other activities that swere needed.

Makprofile – Industrial Solutions Curricular internship under the Technological Specialization Course November 2012 - February 2013

Assembly of metal structures using components from Bosch Rexroth, Fath, Dynarax, Orgatex and Easy sConveyors including tubular aluminum profiles, square or rectangular. Installation of structures in sfactories and maintenance and tuning of the solutions in terms of mechanical and automation.

Alberto Azevedo Mechanical Precision Limited Mechanic technician in part time March 2013 - July 2013

Maintenance of some machines and electrical circuits. Perform work on the automatic and manual milling machine. Making the 3D project tool for an internal gear shaper machine using Inventor 2013. Demagnetize pieces after been rectified. Work on the tangential plane rectifier.

Streisal GmbH Mechatronic Technician August 2013 - May 2015

Repair, electric and mechanic assembly of three-phase AC synchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor with planetary gear box. Three-phase electric motors test using frequency inverters Frenic Mega brand.Cleaning of welds. Mounting of shafts couplings, test and assembly of propellers and structures for the biogas system.

Self-employed Tutor of mathematics, physics and chemistry. October 2015 -

Tutor of mathematics, physics and chemistry. Translations of German texts.



Faculty of Science the University of Porto Degree in Science in Engineering , Agricultural Engineering 2004 - 2008

Engineering Sciences Profile Agricultural Engineering in general: Mathematics, Chemistry, General Physics, Statistics, etc.

Faculty of Science the University of Porto Masters in Agricultural Engineering , Agricultural Engineering 2008 - 2010

Master's thesis on the chemical analysis of biofuels (biodiesel).

Cenfim Ermesinde Technological Specialization Course (CET) in Mechatronics , Mechatronics 2012 - 2013

Industrial Mechatronics in general: Bodies Machinery, Materials Science, Mechanical Drawing, Computerized Numerical Control, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Programmable Logic Programmers, Installation of Electrical Machines, Computer Assisted Design, Computer Assisted Manufacturing, Electronics, Digital Systems, etc.



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards:
Interests: Traveling, sports, rock climbing and mountaineering, science and engineering, politics and current situation.

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