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Timothy Peter


Certified SolidWorks Professional 2008 SolidWorks 2000-present Unigraphics 1992-2000 HP ME10 1990-1992 Anvil 1998-1990 * Product innovation. Devised, designed and created the mechanism for loading 35 mm film into a camera without manual extraction across to the other spool—a significant product innovation easily commercialized. The results: Two U.S. patents earned. The outcome: A quality product, successfully commercialized and launched, in third-world markets. * Product design. Designed and expedited a precision laser optical printing system that interfaced with a precision paper transport system. The deliverable: A solution that effectively met all mechanical alignment requirements, budget and time constraints. In addition, utilized new casting manufacturing techniques to facilitate timely delivery and coordinated parts fabrication through five different manufacturing units. The result: A project that earned a U.S. patent. * Product delivery. Designed and delivered a high-speed paper track system—a precision component designed to interface with an existing photo mini lab The result: Project earned additional financial support from management for further development and commercialization. * Subassembly design. Designed and delivered an opto-mechanical system conceived to interface with two different precision transport systems—a complex deliverable that met and exceeded customer requirements and required detailed, coordinated communications between two other mechanical designers. The final outcome: Another product successfully transferred to commercialization. * Product commercialization viability. Completed two years of research into the viability of designing breadboards (a mock-up of the concept) associated with a low-cost digital mini lab. The result: A successful project that led to commercialization. Earning one U.S. Patent. The final outcome: Technology transfer to OEM partner in China.


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