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I started with Autocad 10 in college and played in SolidWorks and Inventor for many years but did get to work with solids until I started programming CNC's with Powermill. 6 years ago I start with my current employer using IDEAS 8 until we upgraded to NX 6. I am particularly good at custom machinery and problem solving. I recently started a side business offering Chelic Pneumatic Components and design services. I model files for virtually all Chelic Pneumatic Components so don't hesitate to ask, I will post them on request as there are rough 11,000 files all in STP format.


work experience

I work at injection molder in the position of designer. My title is very general because I do everything from project management to CNC programming, machinist, electrician, PLC programmer, photocopier fixer....etc. My boss recently declared me the company automation expert.



I am a Mechanical Engineering Technologist (Similar to an Associate Degree). Working the field for 20 years. 2 years in a fabrications shop building customized CNC machine frames. 1 years building (not designing) customized plastic milling and welding machines for the blow holding industry. 5 years pump application engineering for Viking Pump. 2 scheduling tool changes in Chryslers Windsor Minivan plant 2 years technical writing for G.D.L.S Stryker program and Viking Pump Canada manuals 2 years CNC programmer 6 years plastic part design, project management and automation specialist.



Workstation specs: HP PC Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with NX8.0 and Mastercam X6. (To complicated to explain why here).
Honors and awards:

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