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biography My qualifications include working with the Engineering Department, Project Management, clients, vendors and contractors, ABS, OSHA, US Coast Guard, and the Corps of Engineering. I stay updated with OSHA and ABS rules that govern work on various projects. I know my way around tug boats, oil barges, offshore rigs, and not to say just marine vessels, but I have paper mill and petro-chem experience. Having designed v-doors for offshore rigs and equipment locations, assisting in the design of tow boats (various deck arrangements to meet the clients specifications and staying in the guide lines of OSHA and ABS), fiber recirculation systems for the paper-mill and other systems that would ultimately aid in the saving of money for the mill. My experience includes P&ID walk down in refineries to meet HAZ-OP and OSHA rules and regulations. While priding myself on being versatile, I have much to offer any employer, not being limited to any one discipline, whether it is structural or piping and designing or drafting. I can wear different ‘hats’ and I am proficient with the latest version of AutoCAD, MS Office, EDA AutoPlant and CADWorx.


work experience

World Wide CADD SR. Civil/Structural Designer July 2012 -



Lamar University, Beaumont, TX



Workstation specs: Windows 7 Professional ACPIx64-based PC Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 960@ 3.20 GHz NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 8.00 GB RAM
Honors and awards:
Interests: 1972 Harley Davidson, riding with the wind in my face on a good day,

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