adaptive curved spring in SolidWorks

define the curvature of the spring in the context of an assembly and animate.

  1. Step 1: model a point

    point is a mere reference geometry. insert it in an assembly twice. make one end fixed. create a sketch in the context of the assembly for positioning of the other point.

    start modeling the spring top-down.

  2. Step 2: draw a line for the sweep

    a line will be the profile of the surface sweep. twist control with 9 revolutions.

  3. Step 3: create the 3Dpath

    start a 3Dsketch with the intersection curve of the two surface bodies. finish with the swept boss with the 3Dcurve for its' path.

  4. Step 4: path mate definition

  5. Step 5: change position of point on path

  6. Step 6: ...and animate with motion study.