Bring Your Own UI (BYOUI) | Productivity Hack using cmd

In my company, from last year I had to work on different workstations, based on their availability after shifts.

And it can be hard for anyone, who has different files and folders in his dedicated system. In an organization, work files and folders can be neglected for some extent when you work in PLM and you have different logins to store the files from the network folders. You can access them from any device, anytime.

But when you have your software settings in your system, you will feel the real pain of migrating to new system, so did I. After studying the customizations storage path, I have learnt that I can avoid this UI gap in other systems in a simple way. I have made a short video on this. Please check this out.

In todays situation, when we are working remotely from system to system, we can definitely go mobile with UI and be more productive as we are on our own system. What is take on this, please share in the comments.

  1. Step 1: Bring Your Own UI (BYOUI) | Productivity Hack using cmd

    • In this video you will learn how to backup and restore your software settings in just few seconds. You need the information on the files location which is explained in this video step by step and create a executable command file to easily backup to your destination folder. Also to restore UI settings, you can use same command file by duplicating and adding few changes.