Convert STL and OBJ files to STEP files online!

Convert STL and OBJ files types to modifiable STEP files that can be used in your favorite CAD for free!

Convert stl to step
stl to stp
obj to stp
obj to step

  1. Step 1: Navigate to

    Go to

  2. Step 2: Select a STL or OBJ file to convert.

    Select the STL or OBJ file you wish to convert to STEP. Maximum files size is 1 megabyte. You can use the simplifier tool to decrease file size.

  3. Step 3: Edit model vertex count (Optional)

    If your file size is over 1mb, you can decrease it by lowering the model's vertex count with the simplifier tool. Only works with STL.

  4. Step 4: Save the simplified STL or convert to STEP.

    Use the two buttons at the bottom of the page to either save the simplified file or convert it to STEP.

  5. Step 5: Save your STEP file!

    After conversion is done the page will reload and you will be presented with a download button, click the button to download your converted STEP file! That's it, enjoy!