Create Revit RFA element from 3D objects

Create Revit RFA element from 3D objects. * Using Autodesk Inventor *

If you have a 3D model file from various programs, you can import into Autodesk Inventor and convert them into REVIT RFA file type elements.

You will then be able to load those into your Revit project and use.

  1. Step 1: Environments Tab

    Select "Environments" tab

  2. Step 2: BIM Content

    Select "BIN CONTENT" button

  3. Step 3: Export Building Components

    Select "Export Building Components" button

  4. Step 4: Substitute

    You will be prompted to SHRINKWRAP the model for simplification, creating a SUBSTITUTE

  5. Step 5: Substitute Dialog

    You will have an opportunity to specify specific setting, if you wish

  6. Step 6: Name output file

    Type in a name for the RFA file you are going to create, or accept accept the default

  7. Step 7: Splash screen

    While the TRANSLATION is working, you will see the progress screen

  8. Step 8: RFA complete (report)

    After the conversion is complete, Inventor will display a dialog that the operation was completed.

    There is an option to open the TRANSLATION REPORT.

    You can choose to open or not.

  9. Step 9: Find RFA file and move

    Look for the RFA file that was created in the folder location you specified earlier.


    Once you have the RFA, move it to your Revit project folder location for future use and ease of loading into your Revit projects

  10. Step 10: Load into Revit

    Once you have found the RFA you created, the best practice it to place it in your file structure with the rest of your Revit model files.

    Then you can select it to load it into your Revit Project

  11. Step 11: Place in Revit Project

    Once you have loaded the RFA into your project, you can then place the component where you want.