Design Review Overview

This tutorial is designed to show you how to create your presentation (on PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.) for the end of quarter design review using the given requirements and the example of the presentation I made last year for my horrible initial bot design.

  1. Step 1: Design Overview

    The first slide(s) should provide an overview of your entire bot design:

    • picture/drawing of the entire robot CAD
    • weight of the entire robot as calculated by SolidWorks (Tools > Evaluate > Mass Properties)
    • center of mass of the robot (in a SolidWorks drawing, Insert > Model Items > Reference Geometry > Center of Mass)

    (The first slide serves as an overview of my horrendously flawed first robot design.)

  2. Step 2: Optional Views

    If you want, use a few slides to provide pictures/drawings of the Top, Front, and Right views of your bot design. This step is optional, but will help us get a better idea of what your bot could look like during the design review.