Tutorial How To Shrink GIFs For GrabCad

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I have seen some tutorials about shrinking GIF's with great results, using GIMP, for example. But none of them works for posting on GrabCad, because the resulting GIF is not compliant. This method only reduces the number of colors (from 256), with smaller size compression but 100% compliant. I have been using this for a while without any problems.

How to conquer the render bender badge

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A simple guide

How to make 3D posts of your models on Facebook

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Facebook has just updated their new feature that enables 3D viewing in posts... This feature has been around for some time, but the new update supports the industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format. This allows us to share 3D content on Facebook, whichever the designing software used was. Here I'll show you how to turn your 3D files into GLB, the only extension Facebook reads till now. By the way, GLB file format is a binary form of glTF that includes textures instead of referencing them as external images, so don't worry about the output's quality.

How to save your animations as GIFs in SolidWorks

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Do you want to know how to make GIFs of your animations? Ever asked yourself how they did it? Here I'll show you how to make seamless GIFs from your animations using SolidWorks, as well as PhotoScape... I chose PhotoScape as it has decent results, doesn't cause any bumping & - most important - is for free. You can download the latest version from here: http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/download.php

Motion Study oF Differential in Solidworks

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Here we apply rotation to find out the transmission

How to Ask a (Good) Question on GrabCAD

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This tutorial is about asking a question in the best way possible so you increase the chance of getting quality answers. There are many examples of bad questions posted every week. Let's work to improve the quality of questions asked, and answers given.

How to make multi-coloured renderings using Photoshop

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You've - probably - came upon a model of yours that you don't know which colour suits, so you decide to upload renderings of both colours. Here, I'll show you how to make a single rendering that shows the multiple colour variations you want using Photoshop.

How to export a SolidWorks part/assembly as a 3D PDF file

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Sending 3D models to others for viewing can be a problem if they don't have a 3D designing software (SolidWorks, Catia, AutoCAD, etc.) or a 3D viewing software (eDrawings, Paint 3D, etc.). So here I'll show you how to export your model (part/assembly) as a 3D PDF file, where you can view your model as any 3D viewing software does. This doesn't just include viewing, but also includes simple rendering, showing/hiding parts, adding extra lighting and a lot more.

Activate SolidWorks 2017 RealView Graphics on an Intel CPU

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Activate RealView Graphics on an unrecognised Intel graphics card, e.g. my Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 card on my Lenovo IdeaPad 320 laptop.

How to make a rendering in KeyShot in 7 steps

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A set of simple guidelines to make a rendering with KeyShot with examples.

Pick and place application with KUKA KR16 robot using v-rep and Matlab

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. . . . . . . . Hi friends , in this tutorial I will show you how to create a pick and place simulation with the 6 DOF robot KUKA KR16 . Contents : ** V-REP part : 1-Attach a gripper to the robot flange 1:00 2-Add a conveyor 3:51 3-Set the robot in the inverse kinematic mode 7:22 4-Generate an infinite number of pieces 10:14 ** Matlab part : 5-Gripper function 13:13 6-Linear move function 15:47 7-Pick and place function 20:30 8- main code 24:33 all the matlab remote API functions are available here : http://www.coppeliarobotics.com/helpFiles/en/remoteApiFunctionsMatlab.htm#simxSetJointPosition I hope it's helpful and if you have question , I will do my best to answer them If you want to do this simulation again , you can download the KUKA KR 16 from here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZaMG-3bbJN-GHo3lghNYwZNuZD61NDDS/view?usp=sharing Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Mechatronics-Ninja-1601353846600883/?ref=bookmarks Thank you for watching.

How to write in your mother language, but preview in English

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Since both starting a group discussion and participating in it must be in English, I made this tutorial to help users from other countries that find it difficult to write in English. By the way, this tutorial was suggested by https://grabcad.com/fredswug-1.

Adjust Depth of Field using Depth Map- Photoshop

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In this tutorial I am going to explain to dynamically control depth of field using Depth Map. Also at the end of this tutorial I will explore a cool Facebook trick. Links for keyshot file, images are available at end of this tutorial.

How to mention someone in GrabCad (All possible ways)

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I've noticed that many "GrabCad"ers still don't know how to mention each other. Some just type his/her name, while others copy his profile's URL !!! The problem is that every place has it's own way, so I've gathered all possible ways to mention another user in GrabCad.

How to optimize gif with GIMP

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How to optimize gif with GIMP