How to Convert .OBJ Files to VRML in Blender

Note: As of Blender 2.80, the ability to export VRML files was removed. On the bright side, if you use GrabCAD Print, you can still export full color models by way of a .OBJ file! You can learn here: How To Use Blender 3D Software with GrabCAD Print.

If you are using an older version of Blender, this Tutorial will teach you how to take an .OBJ file and convert it to VRML format to prepare it for 3D printing.

  1. Step 1: Video

  2. Step 2: Import your OBJ File into Blender

    First you are going to click onto File and look for "Import" and find the "Wavefront (.obj)" selection. Find your .OBJ model and Import it into Blender.

  3. Step 3: Turn on VRML Plugins

    Next we will be turning on the VRML plugins. With these plugins enabled we will be able to export or even import VRML files. Once again, we click on File, look for "User Preferences" and click it. Then in the Top tabs we will be looking for "Addons." Then in the search box type in VRML and make sure that both boxes are checked and save your preferences.

  4. Step 4: Exporting the Model

    Now that the VRML plugin is loaded make sure the model is selected** and go to "File" and Select "Export," then choose the "VRML2" File format. Choose which directory you want the file to be export to and you are all done! You now have a converted an .OBJ file into VRML.

    **If your model has multiple parts make sure to just click ONE part of the model. For some reason if you have multiple part selected it will not let you export the model in VRML. DO NOT WORRY! The whole model with all parts will be included with the VRML export. **

  5. Step 5: Bonus: Import to GrabCAD Print

    Now that you have a VRML file maybe you want to get your model printed, that's where GrabCAD Print comes in. If you don't have GrabCAD Print already downloaded, you can go here to download it for free. Once you have GrabCAD Print downloaded and open, click the "Add Models" button and add your VRML file that you just exported. Wait for the model to be fully rendered and loaded into Print and once it's finished you are ready to go and start sending it to your Stratasys 3D printers.