How to Create GIF file After Rendering?? ( Solidworks + Keyshot + Photoscape)

Tutorial by MON2

So many Engineers asking me to How to create GIF file which is Shown in Your profile picture..
So Here is the Answer...

  1. Step 1: Create Model

    Create Model Like : Grabcad Logo. (GC) (Or Anything you want.)

    ~ By using Solidworks or other CAD Software.

  2. Step 2: Save Model

    Apply Different Color on Faces While modelling.

    ~ Save Model.

  3. Step 3: Import In to Keyshot

    Now Open Keyshot & Import File from Your Computer.

  4. Step 4: Keyshot View

  5. Step 5: Adding Material & Colors

    Now apply material color from left side tab.

  6. Step 6: Animation

    Click on Animation tab.

  7. Step 7: Animation Wizard

    Click on Animation Wizard.

  8. Step 8: Animation Type

     ~Select Rotation

    ~ Click on Next

  9. Step 9: Select Model to Animate

    ~ Select & Click Next.

  10. Step 10: Animation Properties

    ~ Change rotation angle.(0 to 360)

    ~ Select axis for rotation of text.(X,Y,Z)

    ~ Enter End time for Animation.

    ~ Click on Finish.

  11. Step 11: Animation Ready.

    ~ Your animation is ready.

  12. Step 12: Render

    ~ Now Click on render tab.

  13. Step 13: Render Properties

    ~ Select Animation from top tab.

    ~ Choose Resolution of render images and video.

    ~ Select folder for saving the render images and video output.

    ~ Click on render.

  14. Step 14: Lots Of Images

    ~ Here is the Bunch of render photos.

  15. Step 15: Photoscape

    ~ Open Photoscape (Its Free Software. )

    ~ Download link : http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php

    ~ Clink on Animated GIF.

  16. Step 16: Drop all Render Photos from Keyshot

    Drop all render photo which saves after rendering of each frame.

  17. Step 17: GIF ready.

    Here You Can see the effect.

    ~By Changing time You can increase or decrease the rotation time.

    ~ Click On Save.

    ~ GIF file is ready.

    Model Link : https://grabcad.com/library/tutorial-how-to-create-gif-file-after-rendering-solidworks-keyshot-photoscape-1

  18. Step 18: GIF


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