How to create hexagonal nut in solidworks in simple steps

This tutorial explains how to create hex nut in solidworks in simple step.

  1. Step 1: Selection of plane and basic sketch

    Select the top plane and sketch on it

    As we are creating M20 nut, draw two concentric circles.

    The inner circle will be of diameter 20 and outer circle will be of diameter 20*1.5=30. (For smaller diameters, you can take the multiplier up to 2)

  2. Step 2: Extruding the sketch

    Select Extruded Boss

    Extrude up to 15 mm and click ok.

  3. Step 3: Adding chamfer

    Add chamfer on both sides of the part

  4. Step 4: Creation of hex shape

    Select the top face as shown in figure

    Sketch a hexagon using polygon command

    We have convert outer edge into drawing, so go to convert entity and convert the edge

    Go to extruded cut and select following contours.

    All the contours between the hexagon and outer circle should be selected.

  5. Step 5: Apply thread

    Go to thread option

    Select the lateral edge and end condition and set the parameters as shown below

  6. Step 6: Rendering

    Apply the appearance on it. The final product will look like this