How to Create New Material in CATIA V5

CATIA V5 doesn't have any specific material that engineers need for their FEA. Look at the material library, you can see that there is only one option of steel material which is should be various based on its mechanical properties and their characteristic. In this case you can't simulate the strengh of your AISI 4340 or other specific material using general steel data at CATIA V5 library. Fortunately, CATIA V5 has a feature that allow user to create their custom material.

  1. Step 1: Data Collection of Material

    For example you are about to analyze part AISI 4140 Pump Shaft. First of all you have to collect mechanical properties of AISI 4140 by googling or valid datasheet.

  2. Step 2: CATIA V5 and go to Infrastructure

    (1) After material properties of specific material (AISI 4140) collected, next step is open CATIA V5.

    (2) go to: Infrastructure; select Material Library;

    (3) The page will show you New material

    (4) If you need to create more than 1 material, you can go to Insert; select New material

  3. Step 3: Mechanical Properties Data Input

    (1) Double click at the new material, or right click and select Properties

    (2) at the dialog block, select Feature Properties. Rename New Material1 into AISI 4140

    (3) go to Analysis, Input material properties data from Step 1

    (4) Apply and OK, save into directory

  4. Step 4: Application

    (1) Open your part / component,

    (2) Apply material as usual,

    (3) Open material library

    (4) Download from library

    (5) Drag selected material (AISI 4140) and enjoy your FEA.